Lovely Humans, your truth is welcome here

SanctuWhereWe is an online sanctuary, here for two purposes:

| 1 | Give humans a safe place to go with their truth—Stay anonymous by leaving out your name, contact details, or any other specifics that would reveal your identity when you share. That’s on purpose—to respect your privacy.

| 2 | Remind humans that whatever we’re feeling, we’re not alone—We share select quotes from truths anonymously submitted on our social media channels. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. For more details about how that all works, please head over to FAQ.


Bring it here, Lovely Humans.

Bring us your truthiest truth—what you really feel, think, want, and dream about.

We’ll take the dark with the light—if it’s true for you, it’s valid and worth sharing here.

It’s not easy to express the things we normally don’t talk about, the things we don’t want to be judged harshly for or misunderstood.

It takes a shitload of courage to tell the truth, when you’re scared of what might happen if you do.

Because—what will people think?

We truly, sincerely, firmly believe that many of them might think, “Me too. I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

That’s why we built SanctuWhereWe (rhymes with sanctuary).

So we’d all have a place to go with our truth and safely share it, without being shamed, punished, or called crazy.

Empathy, compassion, and acceptance are far sexier. And feel better.

To keep SanctuWhereWe safe for everyone, we ask you to share anonymously.

Please do not include details of your identity (name, contact info, other people’s names).

Just share how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re experiencing.

Whatever it is, whatever’s true for you.

We want to assure you—and all the other Lovely Humans out there—that you are not alone in whatever you’re experiencing.

To do that, quotes are sometimes selected from submissions to be shared on SWW social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+.

Please follow along and know that different feeds can have different content—so it’s a good idea to follow as many as you can.

We hope you’ll choose to share your truth here.

We hope you’ll find relief in doing so.

We don’t think anything is wrong with you.

We just think you’re human.

And we love that about you.

Love all y’all,

Amy Jones
Founding Human

How do you pronounce SanctuWhereWe?

Sank-choo-WHERE-we. If you say it fast, it sounds a whole lot like sanctuary, which is what we created SanctuWhereWe to be.

What happens to my truth once I share it with you?

We receive it and read as much as we're able. If you share something that we think would resonate with other humans, we might pull out a quote and feature it on our social media channels. That is not to say that we will feature every truth, nor can we promise not to use truths submitted. Please know that we consider your truth sacred and will honor it accordingly.

Why don’t you quote my whole truth?

There are two purposes for SanctuWhereWe. The first is to give humans a safe place to share their complete truth. The second is to remind other humans through social media that they are not alone. To do that well, it often doesn't mean that we share truths in their entirety. Why? Because often when we share a part of an individual's truth—even just one sentence—it resonates more deeply with a wider audience. If our one and only purpose was to share complete truths, then we would only share truths in their entirety. And we'd be limited by space as to where we could share them. If you prefer to see more complete truths, please check out our Tumblr, as we have the most space there.

Why did you split my truth into more than one quote?

Sometimes we receive a beautiful truth that could really serve a lot of people, that is longer in length. We may pull multiple quotes from it and share them over a period of time. The intent is never to be deceptive or dilute the original truth. The intention of sharing quotes on social channels is to remind other humans that they are not alone in whatever they're feeling. When a quote is shared that could help do that, we share it. Even if it's multiple quotes from one submitted truth. If your words can comfort and inspire, we will respectfully share them. Some humans may feel this represents their truth out of context. It makes sense that they might feel that way. While we have sympathy for them and regret any disappointment we may have caused, our purpose of sharing quotes remains to serve the greatest number of humans in a safe way. While the Lovely Human who wrote the original truth might feel it doesn't make sense unless it's presented in its complete form, we respectfully disagree. Often a single line can be the most powerful to the masses because everyone interprets it based on their own life experience. It resonates deeply even outside of the context of the complete submission.

Where can I see what other people shared?

Check out those social icons below the big blue button—or use these links to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. There will be different shares on different feeds, so it's a good idea to follow them all.

What do you mean when you say you’ll “honor” my truth?

Meaning—we know it takes significant courage to share your truthiest truth, even when it's anonymous. Even when we have no way to know whom is sharing with us. So, when we read them, we do so with compassion and empathy. When we select quotes from your full truth, it's done carefully. And when we share your quotes through social media, we present them with respect. We know that your truth will helps others. We know many humans can relate. And if some humans occasionally comment in ways that are not constructive (even if well-intended), we'll do our best to block them or delete anything disrespectful. They have a right to their opinions, but they don't have a right to disrespect what's true for you on SanctuWhereWe channels.

Why are posts on social media different colors?

So glad you asked. Anything that has a white background is a gift from us. It's something we want you to know—be it inspirational, funny, encouraging—or simply our own truth. If it has a color (we've got a rainbow full of 'em), that means it was an anonymous truth shared. That's why you'll see those attributed to a Lovely Human.

Why do you have quotes with people’s name? I thought this was supposed to be anonymous!

Fair point. Anything you see on social media with a white background that has a person's name on it represents our messages to you. They are NOT anonymous shares submitted through this site. They are sometimes famous humans, humans we know, or humans we don't know. They are anyone EXCEPT Lovely Humans who submit their truths anonymously through SanctuWhereWe. All anonymous truths have colored backgrounds and are attributed to "Lovely Human" because we're pretty much all the same at our core. Human. And lovely.

Who is Lovely Human?

You. Her. Him. Every human who shares their truth with us. Believe what you will, but we're convinced that all humans came into this world as little (sometimes) bald bundles of love. Granted, life happens and fear shows up. But you know how even if the sky is full of clouds, the sun is still shining, even when you can't see it? We think love is like the sun and fear is like the clouds. That's some spiritual meteorology that we kinda dig on.

Why do you use [brackets] in quotes?

Sometimes, you'll see a word or more in [brackets] to protect the anonymity of all the humans involved and serve the highest good. For example—and just making this example up—if "I will never forget the 2010 national rodeo champion who broke my heart," was submitted, you might see "I will never forget the [person] who broke my heart." Some humans might think this is messing with someone's truth. Yet when sharing truth with the public, the priority is to have it serve the highest good by connecting emotionally with as many humans as possible. Brackets can help do that.

Who runs it?

Founding Human, Amy Jones. She's fairly obsessed with giving everyone the opportunity to share their truth in a safe way.

What if I want to contact SanctuWhereWe about something?

If you wish to get in touch with us, please do so through our Founding Human, Amy Jones on this page. She'll do her best to get back to you as soon as she's able.

Why won’t you contact anyone who shares?

We're big believers in healthy boundaries and are here to do pretty much one thing: create a safe space where humans can share their truth. We know how to do that. We are not professional counselors, doctors, or specialists who can actively help you get additional support or treatment. We love you all and hope you find what you're looking for and the help you need. If you need help, we recommend starting by talking to someone you trust or even just searching online for organizations who are able to support you.

Who is SanctuWhereWe for?

Humans. Who have access to the Internet. Though, if animals, plants, or rocks could type, they'd be welcome too.

But what if I don’t want to follow your stupid rules?

If you take issue with anything that we say/share, we still love you. We're not here to argue. This is what it is. You don't have to visit or read any posts. If you're feeling brave, consider asking yourself: What is it about what I'm seeing/reading that bothers me? The answer could be something cool to learn about yourself.

What's hard for you to talk about?

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